Simply Step-by-Step million $ SEO Strategy🤫

Here’s the procedure in detail. My blog used to have over a million visitors every month. My blog genuinely attracts over 2 million visitors every month. Nevertheless, I cannot promise that you will receive the same volume of traffic.

Nonetheless, you may employ this method, and I’ll walk you through each step. I won’t go through developing content because I believe you already have some. You won’t receive any traffic if you don’t have any content. Now, So, let’s begin.

1. Optimize for the Highest Quality Pages Available

The first step is to optimize for high-quality sites that attract traffic. If you maintain a blog, you may notice that many of your pages receive little to no traffic.

In this scenario, you should go through all the pages that have had little traffic from Google in the last 30, 60, and 90 days. Identify pages that are old, irrelevant, or no longer required.

For example, if you have a blog article addressing Myspace or Vine that is no longer relevant, you may delete it.

The idea is to delete all old information that no longer serves a function, even if it has been updated, and 301 redirects those pages to the most relevant page. If there are no relevant pages, you can do a 301 redirect to the homepage.

2. Locate old pages that should be updated.

The next stage in increasing your website’s rankings is to discover outdated pages that should be updated. Compare your current traffic from the previous 30 days to that of a year ago using Google Search Console.

This allows you to assess which pages have lost the most traffic and needs to be updated. Keep in mind that upgrading your pages regularly is critical for retaining new material and enhancing your rankings.

For example, Wikipedia continuously ranks high not only because it has a ton of material but also because it constantly updates its articles. This allows them to maintain their information current and fresh. Similarly, you should do the same for your website by refreshing the pages that have lost the most traffic.

Utilize Google Search Console to determine the phrases they were ranking for, and look at what other sites are doing that you aren’t. Finally, refresh your content to create the greatest user experience possible and make it so compelling that people want to read it.

Lastly, given the topic is always changing, determine which pages you should update yearly or semi-annually. By doing so, you will ensure that consumers value your content and return to your site.

3. Combine Related Pages

The next step is to merge relevant pages. For example, if you have five SEO blog entries titled “Beginner’s Guide to SEO,” “How to Get Started with SEO,” “SEO Fundamentals,” “Newbies Guide to SEO,” and “What You Should Do If You Want to Learn SEO,” you’ll note that they all focus on the same issue.

When you have numerous pages on the same topic, Google may have problems selecting which page to rank for a certain search query. By integrating these pages into a more thorough page and setting a new 301 redirect for all of the other pages that have been combined, you enhance the probability of having more traffic and higher rankings.

This method was utilized by, which broke into multiple independent sites and saw a large boost in traffic. They also eliminated a significant amount of stuff and consolidated comparable content.

4. Outreach

The fourth tactic I offer for you is outreach. It is critical to credit your sources and link to them whenever you write a blog post that includes statistics or data. Following that, contact everyone you connected to and ask them to spread your article on social media.

Rather than asking for a backlink, which is uncommon, ask for a share, which is much simpler for them to do because you have boosted their firm. This can assist you in increasing visitors to your website.

5. Collect Email Addresses

The next step is to collect email addresses from each visitor to your blog. As a visitor is ready to leave your blog, give them something beneficial in return for their email address, such as a quiz, ebook, or free guide.

This will allow you to send them regular email updates informing them of your most recent blog entries, which are published two to three times each week, and will eventually help generate more traffic to your website.

6. Review the Backlinks Opportunities Report

Another way to improve your website’s SEO is to utilize Neil Patel’s Backlinks Opportunities Report. Go to and input your URL to gain access. Next insert three or more of your rivals’ Websites.

The report will display all websites that connect to your rivals but not to you. These websites are also likely to be willing to connect to yours.

Search for websites that link to many rivals and contact them. Explain why they should link to your website as well, and identify pages on your rivals’ websites that are related to your content.

The more links you obtain, the better your website will rank in search results. Note that if someone is ready to link to numerous rivals, they are likely to link to you as well.

7. Make use of internal linking

The next step I recommend is to establish internal linking. Be careful to link to similar old blog entries whenever you produce a new article.

As a result, your new blog entries will gain link juice straight away. This approach will assist you in increasing your SEO ranks and driving more traffic to those posts.

8. Subscribers

The third technique I advocate is utilizing Subscribers, a free push notification platform. This feature allows visitors to your website to subscribe to push notifications through their browser without providing any personal information or email address.

When you publish a new blog article, you may send a push notification to your subscribers, which can increase traffic to your website. You may create over a million visits per month by utilizing this method regularly over several years.

While creating high-quality content and completing keyword research is critical for SEO, advertising your website is as important.

9. Focus on Social Media Marketing Over SEO

Why should you prioritize social media marketing above SEO? This may surprise you, especially given my reputation for all things SEO. However, I’ve discovered that social media marketing is one of the most efficient and successful strategies to attract large traffic to any website.

Here’s an intriguing fact for you: 74% of social media users use it to make purchasing decisions. Influencers and social markets are enormous these days, and they can advertise your products and services rapidly and efficiently.

Furthermore, half of adult internet users feel that when a business uses their data in social marketing, it helps them find items or services that are closely related to what they’re looking for.

In essence, firms are utilizing those targeted advertising that many people swear they never click on and don’t work, but in reality, people are clicking on them. Google and Facebook would not be the company they are today if they had not.

If you’re looking to reach a younger audience, TikTok, Instagram, and even Snapchat are all the rage right now. Prabhakar Rajavan, a senior vice president at Google, stated at a 2022 conference that according to their research, about 40% of young people do not use Google Maps or search while seeking a place to eat.

Instead, they use TikTok or Instagram. If a top Google executive is worried about the development of social media, you should be too. Adults spend 95 minutes every day on social media, across all platforms.

That’s more than an hour and a half. That’s a lot of time, plenty of time for your adverts to get viewed and eventually converted. According to HootSuite, Instagram story advertising will generate over $16 billion in sales worldwide by 2022. Consider how simple and affordable it is to produce an Instagram story.

One of the main reasons I prefer social media over SEO is because it allows me to pivot rapidly. I love SEO, but it takes a long time to see results. With social media, you can see results instantaneously and pivot to figure out what’s working and apply it to your SEO approach as well.

Social media is a fast-changing world, but I can see what works and what doesn’t straight away, and I don’t have to wait for an algorithm change or for someone to index my content. You’re probably asking at this point:

social algorithms continue to compress my reach, and you mentioned advertisements, so why should I enjoy social media if I don’t want to spend all that money on ads? Consider this: all platforms, whether social or search, use algorithms.

It makes no difference if it is TikTok, Google, or Bing. You can’t control what they do, and they’ve all made it more difficult to contact them over time. Google keeps displaying more material within their search results so that you don’t have to navigate through to their website.

If you’re not sure what I mean, just Google what the weather is like in your city today to see what I mean. It just displays the weather; there is no need to visit or any other website; you can view it straight away. TikTok used to have considerably more reach than it does now. Still, it’s an excellent platform.

They, like Google, account for a large portion of clicks these days, but there isn’t much you can do about it. So, instead of whining about Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram, notwithstanding any restrictions they may have in terms of paraphrasing and language.

To boost traffic and interaction, it is critical to fully utilize these channels. While social media generally produces faster results than SEO, it is still crucial to have an omnichannel strategy and leverage all platforms where your target audience is present. Grow Epik, my ad agency specializes in performance marketing and can assist you in increasing online interaction.

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