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elements of seo

Digital marketers, I know why you are here; you want to know about which are the best factors and we also say ways to improve your SEO. Here is the 5 most important elements of SEO, which can help you to make expert in SEO.

Key points of this article:-

  • Your Audience & industry
  • User intent
  • Keyword research
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Mobile friendly

These all are the most important. We will discuss on all of this points (factors) after the little brief about journey of SEO.

I know you all are wants to know about elements of SEO but before that it’s very important to know about SEO if you are the fresher in digital marketing.

SEO (Search engine marketing) it’s not all about ranking your site on #1 in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Google the world’s best and biggest Search engine will not give you the ranking for your content they give you ranking if their users (visitors) love your content.

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Think if we written best and fabulous article for our visitor and what happen when our article is not aware from our visitors.

How they know that we are write the article for them?

That’s why we use SEO or take help by Improving Elements of SEO.

The biggest myth in digital Marketing worlds is “if we do best SEO for our website then we are the kink of our niche.

But, if your subscriber’s people and internet user don’t like your content then how you are become the king.

How Google will trust on you, Google wants only one thing that there users will always get satisfaction when they are reading any article.

Now its time to go on Elements of SEO



If you didn’t know about your Audience and your industry you never get lead on any field or any business.

If you want to become a kink in your carrier then you must know about your competitors your target audience.

What thinks your audience was love which type of content or video they are like to watch.

After that track our top competitors, how they use SEO, find their Strategy

Find where your competitors target there audience

Once if you find information that given above, you need to go fearethure.


2. User intent

The most important elements of SEO

If you want to satisfy your visitors then you need to write for your visitors not for yourself.

 The most of beginners was make mistake that they always write for their use they didn’t consider there users.

Forget every things and consider yourself a user, how’s you feel if you can’t find content that you need.  Abstractly you come back from that website.

If you adding value in life then you touch the sky.

Now I think you are confuse that who we determined the search intent of the people.

There are mainly 4 types of search intent.

  1. Informational
  2. Navigation
  3. Transactional intent
  4. JIO  targeting (near me)

These 4 is the basics and most important user search intent.

a) Informational intent

Informational search intent which include what, where, how,

Which can generally use for get information for a specific term, this search intent is the most important in SEO or we can say that it is also a part of elements of SEO.

Informational blogs and articles will directly adding value in your life. And it’s always become a evergreen search intent.

 The information intent articles also have very interesting because who one read that article it’s actually want to read no pressure they have to read your article

Tin he most important and interesting thinks is in Google total of 75% of article is based on informational intent.

 Hers you can imagine how’s the informational intent articles is important

b) Navigation intent

Here the user s wants to go from there destiny.

Like, “best place for pick nick” these lines give the direct signal that this user wants to go for their pick nick. If here you can serve them the article related to introduction of India then its not a relevant for that.

The best thing about navigation intent searches is it is very low competed because in that we can cover our nearby countries.

Think if we write an article and we will target all India its too hard to rank on it but if we only target Hisar then it’s too easy to rank on it.

c) Transactional intent

Here the user is want to buy something like “pricing of apple Mac book in India”

Naturally it is very difficult to rank on transactional keyword.

I recommended you to not write article on it in beginning level.

d) JIO  targeting (near me)

I know you all are known about Google my listing, in that we list our business for increase the foot step on our business.

The basics search term is “coffee shop near me” here it is very difficult to any organic result to become in come in top.

The best intent for you all is informational intent to write article and according to the Google the best if you want to rank on Google then write article on informational intent.

We can add this in the elements of SEO.

The best way to find the all intent type keyword is to answer the public. Here you get and generate ideas for your blogs

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the term in which finding keyword which is search in search engines in order to optimize our content on it.

Like Elements of SEO it is also a keyword in which I am writing article regarding these keywords.

How to find Keyword ideas

Discovering the Keyword idea is not very much difficult.

The best way to find ideas is

  • Social media
  • Wikipedia
  • Answer the public
  • Reedit
  • Google and YouTube Suggest

These are the best way to find out the best keyword idea

The next best way to generate keyword idea is to identify the your business or niche related keyword

Like my website niche is Digital Marketing and my related keyword is

Social Media marketing

Search engine Optimization

E-mail marketing

Pay Per Click

Basically this is the board keyword which is related to y website niche and here I got more than 100 ideas for my website article.

I can also write in deep in the above keywords. The Element of SEO is also a sub keyword of the term SEO (Search engine Optimization).

Keyword Research Tools

          In the Internet World there are hundreds of keyword researches.

          Top free keyword research tools are:-

Google keyword planner


          Top paid keyword research tools are:-



These tools are very play very important role in keyword research.

My favorite keyword tool is semrush 

Types of Keyword Research 

 There are main 3 types of keyword

  1. Short tail keyword

In short tail keyword is also know a one word keyword like facebook, sports, online, digital

This short tail keyword is very difficult to rank for beginners because all legends were target one word keyword for Ranking.

2. Long tail Keyword

Log tail keyword is that keyword which are more than 2 words like elements of SEO its is know as long tail keyword

The long tail keyword is very easy to rank and this are SEO friendly also.

If you are a fresher in digital marketing and want to doing blogging then go always for long tail keyword.

The best think of long tail keyword is your article is not only ranking for one particular keyword there have 20 to 30% change that your article is rank for multi keywords.

3.LSI targeting keyword

Latent Semantic Indexing is the full form of LSI keyword. It is very important in elements of SEO

LSI keyword is like vies versa of the word like “Apple”

We can say apple as a phone or apple as a fruit.

This type of words is known as LSI keywords. Google like this types of keywords.

4. Crawling and Indexing

Crawling & Indexing is very important part of the SEO and not only SEO also for your carrier.

If your Website is not able to crawl or indexing then you can’t reach a single person because your website is not register on Google

The Crawling is the process in which Google Explore what type of Content is published on your site

 The Indexing is the process in which Google boot put your site in a Specific Category BY analyzing The Content of your site.

5. Mobile Friendly Website

Check is your Site is Mobile friendly or not

What is mobile friendly Website?

Mobile Friendly term have very important role in Elements of SEO.

If your website is not complete this criteria then you loss very huge amount of traffic.

Mobile Friendly means that your website is properly open on mobile or every element is properly loaded on mobile version.

How to make Mobile Friendly Website

  1. Make Mobile Version of your Webster
  2. Use plugins
  3. Use Mobile First Responsive design
  4. Using Tools

Its tie to end this article if you like then please comment below and tell us what think you like most.

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