8 AI Business Ideas you Can Start Right Now. The Revolutionize of the entrepreneurial journey

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You may have seen the trending AI profile pics from last month that everyone was talking about on social media. It’s fascinating to mention that Lanza, the business responsible for those images, made a staggering $10 million in only one week utilizing software that is available to everyone.

The excellent news is that there are several potentials to earn a sizable sum of money in AI, which is still a relatively new subject for us. I’ll outline seven profitable business concepts in this post that you may implement with artificial intelligence.

These suggestions will be graded according to their likelihood of success, degree of difficulty, and amount of time needed so you can pick the one that works best for you. I want to urge you to remark before we get started since your opinions are always helpful.

But, as I would like to make this piece as exclusive as possible, I politely ask that you do not share it with anybody. I sincerely feel that the concepts discussed here are quite beneficial and may help you make a sizable sum of money.

1. E-commerce store and drop shipping

The initial business concept is to launch an AI-powered online store. Selling goods online is already very common and can involve everything from apparel to lifestyle items to even fine art. While developing these items for drop shipping or eventually moving to wholesale delivery to clients, AI can be extremely helpful. For you to properly get how to achieve this, let’s go over a few instances step by step.

The first thing that typically springs to mind for me when selling something online is typical products or some sort of clothes. In this case, you might use ChatGPT to find several T-shirt design suggestions before selecting your favorites. From there, you may create art based on those themes using a service like Mid-Journey or Dolly.

Another illustration would be if you asked ChatGPT for suggestions and it suggested T-shirts with beautiful scenery or perhaps even a collection of T-shirts with various animal species. More than that, it’s possible that the creatures are hybrids or futuristic designs. You now possess a unique item. When I started dropshipping five or six years ago, this service already existed, and it’s still very well-liked now. It’s called Printful, a print-on-demand service that enables you to take orders, have them printed, ship them, and completely deliver them to the consumer without ever having to make an investment or see the result.

If you want to set it up even more, there are services like Shopify that make it incredibly simple to set up a store using drag-and-drop templates. You may create a website without knowing how to code or doing any work at all if you combine it with another tool, such as Sidekick to create your landing pages, or even with extra copywriting tools, like Jasper.ai or Copy.ai.

Even now, drop shippers frequently utilize TikTok for organic marketing to highlight their items, and Facebook advertisements, which I’ve spent several hundred thousand dollars on in the past, are still highly effective right now. With both of these ideas, you have to at the very least have a distinct market segment where you may advertise and ultimately locate customers for your goods.

If we look at some of the most costly clothing labels in the world, it is not the design that makes it so special and successful, but rather the culture and the community. If you want to go down this road, I advise concentrating on creating your brand’s identity and developing a compelling narrative since, in my opinion, they are the things that distinguish a successful company from one that may never get momentum.

Is everything legal, Brian? That was too simple. While selling AI-generated art is entirely legal, I want to assure you all that it nearly seems criminal when it’s this simple. This is because no person had produced the art, which implies that you may utilize AI art in any way to gain money under existing US copyright regulations.

You may produce numerous goods in addition to T-shirts, clothes, and merchandise, such as canvas paintings, puzzles, coffee mugs, and even notebooks. Print-on-demand dropshipping is compatible with all of them, so the design options are endless and there is no initial investment required.

E-commerce sites were rather crowded even before AI. As I previously mentioned, I began dropshipping around five years ago, and the first year I did it, as soon as I had a successful product, I generated over $100,000 in income. I purchased goods and had them wholesaled.

2. Copywriting

Ever questioned why commercials on TV, the Internet, social media, or news broadcasts are so compelling? It’s all because of copywriting, which is the skill of persuading people with words to do something. The major issues, though, for writers today are time and writer’s block. Not an exception is copywriting.

Thankfully, this issue can be solved with AI technologies like ChatGPT. With the help of this technology, you can launch your own copywriting company and produce content rapidly, effectively, and affordably. The great thing about AI-generated text is that it gives you more time to concentrate on identifying customers and getting to know their goals.

An AI-generated copy can be equally as successful as human-written copy, if not more so because copywriting takes years to learn. ChatGPT allows you to create copy that is just as effective as having ten workers working for you at once. This technological innovation is revolutionary for copywriting.

In conclusion, AI-generated copywriting is a fantastic alternative for companies trying to provide good content while saving time and money. With ChatGPT, you can automate the creation of text so that you can concentrate on what’s important: attracting customers and expanding your business.

3. Marketing agency with AI technology

As an experienced entrepreneur, I’ve come across a variety of business ideas, and the one I’d want to discuss today is about launching your marketing agency using AI technology. If you’ve ever seen an advertisement on TV, YouTube, or social media, you’ll know that it all starts with words, which is the art of copywriting. It is, however, not a simple process, and authors confront difficulties such as writer’s block or a lack of time. Here is where AI technology can help, and you may establish your own copywriting company that only employs AI, such as ChatGPT, to generate the content you need for a certain business.

Let us now move on to the second business concept, which is to create your marketing firm. Getting clients is not difficult in my experience, and social media is continually changing, leaving many traditional companies behind. The key to success is to leverage AI to automate the content creation process, allowing you to focus on what the customer requires. AI-generated content will help you establish systems, optimize keywords, and learn what works best for your clients over time. This is best suited for students who are creative, interested in copywriting or have a marketing degree.

Establishing a marketing firm with AI is not automated, but the revenue potential is significantly larger. By recruiting the proper people and educating them on how to utilize AI to develop great marketing campaigns, you can dramatically increase your firm. One place to start is to approach business owners and offer to work for them for free to demonstrate your abilities. As your success grows, you may educate others on how to do the same, resulting in a sustainable company model that creates revenue while also benefiting others. Thus, establish your marketing agency using AI today and watch your business develop.

4. Design or Create YouTube thumbnails

This next business concept is critical to practically all internet material, so if you’re engaged in anything online, you’ll want to pay attention. We’re discussing thumbnails. When you click on an article, a thumbnail appears. When you search on Google, a thumbnail appears. Thumbnails are important because they act as the cover of a book for anything on the internet. As a result, the best line of action is to determine the kind of thumbnails you can make and give value to.

It’s the simplest approach to expand your customer base if you specialize in making YouTube thumbnails. Attempting to be a jack of all crafts might make it difficult to gain new clients. Thus, concentrate on one area of competence and master it. When it comes to producing thumbnails with AI, we’ll be employing two tools: Mid-Journey and Dolly. These applications specialize in AI picture synthesis from text prompts.

To put together the produced photos, you’ll most likely require basic Photoshop abilities. But, there are other simple tools and websites, such as Canva. Canva has been a credible resource for creating professional thumbnails for me for the past six to seven years.

This business is less automated, but as AI improves, it may become a more feasible source of revenue. Being a YouTuber, I get a lot of emails from individuals who want to edit my videos or create free thumbnails. Nevertheless, we already have an in-house thumbnail man, Olex, who does a fantastic job. If I could start over, I would use AI to create the sickest thumbnails to date. Many YouTubers are still struggling to find a competent thumbnail artist, so if you have an eye for aesthetics, know how to use Photoshop or Canva, and want to employ AI, this may be a great side job for you.

Recall that thumbnails are vital for increasing web clicks. The better you get at making them, the more lives you can affect and money you can make for the Creator. While the other three business ideas were very easy, this one involves a little more work, but the potential payout is worth it.

5. Newsletter

Let’s step it up for the next newsletter. This one is the simplest, to begin with, but it also offers the most earning potential. Numerous celebrities, news organizations, and companies have established newsletters in recent years, and for good reason. It may produce money in addition to being a wonderful method to communicate with your audience and own your platform.

You may quickly automate the creation of a newsletter using AI. You may use tools like mid-journey to produce pictures for your email cover and even automate the conversions you want. While I write my newsletter in-house, I’ve heard from friends and examined the benefits of artificial intelligence, and it turns out that AI can produce material better than humans, with just small modifications.

So, where do you begin? It’s easy! Simply select a market, specialty, and topic. Perhaps you’d want to start a daily email on your favorite vegan or keto foods. Perhaps you’re a fitness fanatic who likes going to the gym and has a favorite routine. Everything, from mechanical keyboards to credit cards, has a market. You may write about your interests and use social media networks like Instagram and Twitter to gain email subscribers. If you give them something of value, they will join!

After you’ve amassed a sizable subscriber list, you may monetize your email by selling sponsorships, affiliate links, or both. Companies who wish to market their goods to your readers can sponsor you. Similarly, by promoting things to your audience, you may earn affiliate earnings. If you have a large number of dedicated subscribers, you may make a good living by offering sponsored material or affiliate links.

To get started, you’ll need a trustworthy mailing platform. ConvertKit is my recommendation, although there are other possibilities. So, pick your area, create your email, and start earning money!

If you want to learn about other affiliate programs and get started, I recommend Impact, which has thousands of affiliate programs from various firms. I’ll include a link to join up below. As your newsletter grows, you may ultimately convert to a platform like Substack, where you can charge subscribers a monthly subscription, such as $5, for the useful information you’re giving them if you’re sure of the value you’re offering.

The more valuable and high-quality information you offer, the more money you may make. Morning Brew is a wonderful example of this, with a large rise in email subscribers during the epidemic. They currently have over 200 members on their staff. The fact is that anyone can start a profitable newsletter.

6. AI prints and designs on t-shirts

I believe that creating an AI art service on Fiverr may be a successful business. Lenzo was created in such a way that it allows individuals to perceive themselves through the eyes of an AI. Because the majority of the population is still unaware of how AI artwork works, there are plenty of individuals prepared to pay for this service. It’s quite simple to get started.

Simply utilize platforms like Dolly or Mid-Journey to choose the AI that best suits the specified artwork. Continue to generate several variants until you discover the best one. This service would be charged in the same way that a graphic designer or artist would, but with the extra speed and rapid communication of AI.

You may continue to grow your firm, gaining as many clients as possible, with everything at your fingertips. As applications like Lenzo grow, you could consider going beyond simply transforming people into aliens. You could, for example, use an old dog shot and recreate it as lifelike as possible, including the customer somewhere in the picture.

If the dog had died, the customer might not have been able to locate an artist who could do it, especially at a fair price. You may send them 20 alternative variations of the shot, astounded by the quickness and quality of your work. You might be able to charge less than an artist who would take a year to create such artwork. The options are limitless, and you could even go a step further by offering to print your designs on t-shirts or hoodies.

7. AI art service on Fiverr

We’ll look into the possibility of using AI to generate viable company ideas. One of these concepts is Lenzo, a Fiverr-based AI painting business that was developed to provide an opportunity to observe things via an individual’s unique AI lens. Because many people are still uninformed of how AI artwork works, there is a sizable market for individuals prepared to pay someone to create art for them. To get started, simply choose the AI that best matches the specified art and keep creating it until you discover the ideal one.

Photo improvement is another business concept that makes use of AI. Because of the popularity of filters on social media platforms, there is a big possibility to develop an AI that can take any photo and make several AI-generated pieces of art from it. Open AI’s forthcoming GPT-4, which has a thousand times more data to work with than GPT-3, will improve the accuracy and quality of AI-generated content.

You may build a lucrative business by understanding AI, implementing it, and adding new features. Instead of attempting to mine for gold, you might sell the shovel. Because social media platforms and AI are still interwoven, there is much room for progress in this industry. For example, Lenzo made a lot of money by enabling users to replace their profile photographs with AI-generated artwork. Hence, take advantage of this expanding trend and start your own AI-powered company now.

8. Gmail Management, Networking, Client Outreach, and Scheduled Calls

I’ll be talking about the potential of personal assistant AI to create life-changing riches. Entrepreneurs, like the last topic on utilizing software to establish a business, have a lot on their plates and may benefit from an AI helper. Email management, networking, client outreach, and planned calls are all examples of chores where you may deliver value to individuals who can pay for your services.

As an example, I have a virtual personal assistant who has proven to be one of the most valuable members of my team. Considering AI’s capability, I can see it being carried too much more extreme levels. Consider any easy jobs that might be automated if you are an entrepreneur, as AI is now the solution. The true benefit comes from being able to construct an AI that understands how people communicate and can mimic your tone.

In addition to email, AI may help with other duties such as staff check-ins, lead generation, invoicing, and quotations. We can currently use speech to automate calling and messaging with services like Siri, but integrating the capability of an AI assistant with voice commands from Alexa or Google Home would take this to the next level.

It is vital to highlight that entrepreneurs place a higher value on time than money, thus services that save them time are quite valuable. As a result, there is the possibility of charging extra for these services. Nonetheless, it is critical to realize that there is no shortcut to success and that everything requires effort. AI should be viewed as a tool, not as a substitute for hard effort and commitment.

It’s also worth noting that AI technology is still in its early stages, and depending completely on it can be dangerous. Errors can still occur throughout the development process, so be mindful of possible dangers. Nevertheless, by distinguishing yourself and utilizing AI as a tool, you may achieve genuine success.

If you have any further AI-based business ideas, please leave them in the comments section below.

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